Fans of physics and grown up toys alike will adore this Newton’s Cradle!

Sleek, stylish design, with a good weight and a smooth polished black base.

A great item to display in the office, man cave or bedroom as an item of interest!

Stands at 18cm tall (7’’) x Width 18cm (7’’) with a depth of 15cm (6’’).

Constructed from a strong alloy metal on a wooden mounted stand.

A truly desirable piece to own.

Some interesting facts about the Newton Cradle:

• Originally designed by actor Simon Prebble in 1967.
• The Newton’s Cradle was named after Sir Isaac Newton, the distinguished English scientist and mathematician from the 17th Century.
• The Newton Cradle visually demonstrates the conservation of momentum and energy.
• Newton Cradle’s are constructed from an odd number of balls. Usually 5 or 7.
• Names that the Newton Cradle goes by includes: “Newtons Balls” or “Executive Ball Clicker”.

We believe that the great quality and design from Harvey Makin, make this a great gift!!

Especially for the executive gentleman in your life!

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Harvey Makin Collection 8'' Newton's Cradle

SKU : WB/HM737

Price : £19.99

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Chrome Finish Metal Newtons Cradle Office Desk Gadget Gentlemen Gift

SKU : WB/HM787

Price : £19.50

Add style to the office with a stylish chrome finished metal Newtons Cradle. Available now at The Emporium Direct!

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