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Being the worldwide number 1 brand, we are proud to be an official Licensed Disney product stockist!

Here at The Emporium Direct, we have many Disney items in stock! From classic characters such as Winnie the pooh, right through to the modern characters such as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 1,2,3,4!

Collectable Disney giftware which sprinkles magic and brings characters to life in the form of figurines, mugs, keepsakes and much more!

Below are some of the official Disney ranges that we stock. Amazing quality, beautifully designed and sure to be cherished for many, many years!

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Disney Princess Pink and White Spots Multi 5 Aperture Photo Frame

SKU : WB/DI386

Price : £20.00

Pink + white spot multi aperture Disney princess photo frame. A fab gift for young/old! Now at The Emporium Direct.

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Disney Christopher Robin Winnie The Pooh Baby Memory Box + Drawers

SKU : WB/DI495

Price : £22.99

Disney's Winnie + co can help treasure baby's early days in this unisex keepsake box. Now at The Emporium Direct!

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Official Disney 24 Dumbo Milestone Cards Unisex New Baby Shower Gift

SKU : WB/DI635

Price : £8.99

Make memorable photos of baby's 1st year, with Disney's Dumbo 24 milestone cards. Now at The Emporium Direct!

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Winnie The Pooh
disney baby image
Disney Baby
disney princess image
Disney Princess

Winnie The Pooh

Amazing ranges featuring Disney’s Winnie The Pooh. From keepsakes to travel accessories.

The Heritage Range: Beautiful keepsakes from photo albums to bookends. All designed to reflect the original illustrations from the original A.A Milne books.

Christopher Robin Collection: Again, designed to reflect the illustrations in the original A.A Milne books. The range showcase iconic London landmarks, with Winnie and friends, complete with uplifting, sentimental quotes. Within the range, you will notice they are all neutrally designed in pale grey, white tones with the characters in colour.

Classic Pooh: Make ideal Christening, baby shower and welcoming a new baby into the world gift. All these beautiful items from this collection are plated in real silver plating.

Disney Baby

Celebrating the start of the greatest adventure.

Magical Beginnings is Disney’s partner to early childhood. Using subtle and elegant designs featuring neutral colours and original pencil-style character illustrations, it is the perfect range for a nursery. Complete with glitter embellishments and uplifting words, it brings that timeless Disney magic to the earliest memories.

Disney photo frames, Disney milestone cards and Disney bedroom decor is available.

Disney Princess

The Disney Princess fan will go crazy for this range!!

Beautifully designed photo frames, jewellery boxes, even travel accessories!

Popping bright colours, engaging, and pleasing to the eye. Complete with quotes to inspire your own little princess, that princesses are not weak, they are in fact warriors!

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Official Disney Jumbo and Dumbo Figurine Nursery Collectible Gift Ornament

SKU : WB/DI586

Price : £26.99

Beautiful depiction of Jumbo + Dumbo together. A touching keepsake gift from Disney. Now at The Emporium Direct!

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Disney Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Kids Hanging MDF Wall Height Chart 150cm

SKU : WB/DI622

Price : £22.00

Official Disney Pixar Toy Story 4, Buzz Lightyear, MDF hanging height chart. A great gift from The Emporium Direct!

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Disney Winnie The Pooh and Piglet Rectangle Wall Plaque Nursery Decoration

SKU : WB/DI563

Price : £16.95

Disney's Winnie The Pooh, Piglet 3D wall plaque with quote. The collection is available at The Emporium Direct!

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