Brighten, enhance and style any room with our ready made voile panels. Vibrant, bright and bold matching colours from panel to swag will add the finishing touch to your interior decor.


  • Quality tight weave on the fabric with stitched sides for a perfect finish.
  • Anti pollen - in other words pollen and other airborne allergy particles cannot pass through.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Good weight to them allows the panel to hang nicely.

We currently have three types of ready made nets and voiles:

An offer for you!

Our cheap voile curtains are ready made and in stock. They are very high quality panels and are made for UK department stores. 

The easy header tops are slotted so can be hung in an instant with either net rods, tension rods, poles or wire. We sell tensions rods, click here to view them. 

As the voile lightweight fabric is extremely flexible and versatile, you can use your panels in many ways! Create a voile room divider. Or perhaps shimmer voile curtains for interior design around doors and windows. Choose coloured voile curtains for bold statements or to create contrast.  

Buy 3 or more panels and receive a 10% discount using our discount code: