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Situated in East Anglia and close to London, Essex is a county of hidden treasures. Whatever your interest or your age, there is so much choice with archaeology, history, miles of coastline with seaside resorts and sandy beaches, estuaries, nine country parks, busy market towns and pretty, traditional villages to explore. The estuaries are internationally recognised for their wildlife and there are many opportunities for bird watchers, artists and walkers to explore the coast and delightful countryside via an extensive network of footpaths.

The historic market town of Maldon is undoubtedly one of the county's gems. In the past Maldon has been voted one of the top five market towns in the country.

Located on the Blackwater estuary, the town has had strong maritime ties throughout its history. It is thought that Maldon was established by Saxon settlers in the 5th century. It became an important port at this stage and also one of the earliest towns to be recorded in the county of Essex.

Its history in its early days was turbulent and subject to various Viking raids until the Battle of Maldon in the 990s when the locals were defeated. In the 1100s Henry II gave Maldon a Royal Charter allowing the king to use the town's port for his own trading purposes.

Maldon is home to the famous Maldon barges which ferried agricultural goods along the east coast of England, particularly to and from London. At their peak it is thought that there were over 5,000 barges working from Maldon although now only a few remain most of which are used for tourist or charter purposes. They can still be seen on the town's historic Hythe Quay. The town is also known today as the home of Maldon Sea Salt which is made from salt crystals from the salt marshes that border the Blackwater river.

Situated half way down the High Street, The Emporium is the town's largest independent High Street retailer which prides itself on providing a refreshingly traditional service to its thousands of customers, many of whom are visitors who tell us that "The Emporium is one of the reasons why we love to come to Maldon!"

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